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Aug 11, 2006

Spinning coiled yarn

Thanks to the great pictures in the Knitty article on spinning coiled yarn, I was able to spin the above cool stuff. I got more yardage than that described in the article: I got 11 yards of coiled yarn from my roughly estimated 45 yards of singles, as opposed to the 10 yards from 75-100 yards. That's probably because my singles were thinner. I also was not able to pull my binder extremely taut because of breakage, so I'll bet my coils are looser

So...there's the yarn - what do you do with it?
Check out the fingerless mittens from the archives of Insubordiknit. Scroll down to the November 04, 2005 entry, if you can keep from being distracted by all the other goodies.
Then there's the Knitty project, a felted bottle bag that uses the coiled yarn sparingly.
I'd like to see what it looks like in a woven project...

And here's a WIP- those randomly knitted strips of Silk Garden 87 getting put together with the spirals for some sort of vest-like garment:

and a little work-in-progress from Mother Nature: a baby cardinal perching in the rose bush just above his empty nest. I've enjoyed greeting Mom and Dad Cardinal and watching the little ones grow the past few weeks.

I took this last week and believe I have seen the bird twice again - do baby birds come back to their nests for awhile after they've left? Yesterday there was a very young cardinal that had gotten trapped in the screened back porch, it had the crest feathers and seemed much more mature than this guy, but I know they change quickly. I opened the door wide, but before I could get a towel to try and gently capture him and let him out, he had banged into the screens, the back window glass...he did find his way out thought he seemed a bit dazed. Mom and Dad Cardinal still seemed to be around, anxiously chirping things at the Young'un. Or at least that is how I interpreted the events...



At 8/12/06, 4:13 PM, Anonymous mariyarn said...

What great yarn !Inspiring.
I just wanted to let you know I´ve been reading your blog for awhile, and let you know it brings me much joy and inspiration.(myself being in a period of great changes.)


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