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Aug 1, 2006

Sophia and the Scrumble

I haven't written about my granddaughter Sophia in quite awhile. She turned 1 recently and had a lovely party. Unfortunately, she hasn't been very happy to see me and tends to cry when she does! We aren't sure why that is. Sophia in general doesn't take to many people. Still, it's a bit of a bummer that I am not one of the chosen ones.

Her father, my son Shaun, brings Sophia by every Saturday and I do everything he says, even the silly stuff, to try to win her over. I think we are starting to make progress and last Saturday some significant progress. It started with me handing her a green freeform scrumble, which had a bit of fuzzy mohair.
She seemed to like it a lot, walked her little baby Frankenstein walk, scrunching and feeling it.

Sat in Daddy's lap awhile with it...

...then came over to where I was sitting and began poking around in a basket of yarn and knitting needles. We wound up playing a little game where she handed me one of the needles and then took it back. Back and forth, back and forth - she even let me sit on the floor with her and continue the game! And my son quietly left the room. About 3 seconds later, Sophia looked around for him and I could actually see a moment where her Insecurity warred with her Desire to Play and.... Play won!

Although I don't have picture, there was a stellar moment when I was able to take her in my arms, and walk away with her for a bit. I was able to hand her back to Daddy before she started fussing or crying to go back to him.

I am still feeling great joy - and it reminds me again to be grateful for the small things, to not take anything for granted, especially when it involves children, and remember that perspective can make all the difference . A repetitious little game might be annoying to one grandmother, and a source of great delight to another.

Recently, on the Freeform Crochet yahoo group, there was a discussion about allowing people to touch freeform work when it is on display at conventions and fairs. When I handed Sophia the scrumble, I was remembering that discussion and what some people wrote about tactile pleasures. I can't help but think that giving her that interesting bit of textures to feel helped to create the fun that followed.


At 8/1/06, 5:43 PM, Blogger Louisa said...

'Zann dear, little ones are often funny about who they will be shy with and who not. They often grow out of it very quickly, especially if you don't make a big deal out of it, and later never remember why it was that they felt that way. Just be patient and the closeness you desire will come in time. Glad the scrumble could be a fun link between you both though. You'll be teaching her how to crochet one of these days soon! My own granddaughter is just turning 2 and I can't wait to share the joys of creating with fibres. Lets see -- I think I was 6 when I learned to knit...

At 8/1/06, 6:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with Louisa, all primates go thorough a period of healthy attachment to their primary caretakers and then branch out when ready. Do you have a bin of baby toys around? Some delicious bite size snacks waiting in an icecube tray for when she comes over might be nice too.

At 8/2/06, 7:02 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

My youngest was the same way with just about everyone who she did not see on a daily basis. At about 18 months, she became comfortable with my mother, who see saw every week. Now she has started to be comfortable with Bill' mother who she sees about once a month. And with some of my friends who she sees from time to time. It will come.

She is a beauty, and well worth the wait

At 8/2/06, 5:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, Mom, Sophia's just building up inside her all the love she will one day bestow upon you. On that day she will open the floodgate and a rush of happiness, joy and love will cascade down around you to fill your heart and spirit to the brim.
I see that day very near on the horizon...

At 8/2/06, 8:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, Zann, Sophia is enchanting! My heart just flew out to her! She is a magical and special little soul who is a gift to the planet! Her sensitivity is part of her journey, and I am so grateful that you are willing to be so gracious with her and honor this part of her voyage!
She is blessed to have you as her grandmother!
hugs Noreen

At 9/4/06, 10:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey aunt 'Zann,
It's only been a few months since i last saw Sophia,But she's really grown since then. Now she's getting hair! Mom said when i was a baby all i had on my head was little wispys for hair,And they had all that cut off and finally when i was three i started getting hair. Anywho,It's so nice to hear that Sophia is starting to like you better. I miss you. And i hope we could see each other again sometime soon.... I've still got all this yarn and needles that i can't use! I need you or someone to help me knit a scarf again or something!

Aunt 'Zann.....I was wondering if you could help me find something. I'm looking for an old asheville,Nc newspaper called The asheville gazette. I'm trying to find it online,But i am having no luck. I'm trying to find it because...I read in one of my h.p. lovecraft books that Lovecraft wrote to the asheville gazette. The asheville gazette was active in the early 1900s and i think they stopped printing it in the late 1920s or the 1930s.
I love you


At 9/5/06, 12:01 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Hi Channing - The Internet is amazing. I googled "Asheville Gazette" Lovecraft and through various things that came up, I discovered that H.P. wrote extensive astronomy columns for several newspapers. In 1915 the Asheville Gazette-News published his "Mysteries of the Heavens"-- a "...compact survey of the entire history of astronomy..."

You can find that piece in Lovecraft's "Collected Essays - Volume 3: Science."
Twenty bucks on Amazon at:

Or, you can find the original newspaper publication on microfilm in the library of the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Just call me Nancy Drew....
Love, Aunt 'Zann, literary detective


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