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Jun 27, 2006

Two Knitted Felted Vessels

Project the other day: wind some of that wonderful Malabrigo I got months ago.
Malabrigo felts just beautifully so I made a little dish vessel, with an eyelet and picot rim in the color called Java Red. I also did a more pot-shaped bit of knitting in one of my new favorite yarns: Noro Silver Thaw, in color #5. Here they are just prior to me plunging them into a round of hot/cold water and vigorous massage at my kitchen sink:

And here they are, all transformed and dry:
The Silver Thaw pot is quite thin, but would probably be a nice small flower pot cover.

Pretty, no?
Halting all works-in-progress to spend a day making these was very good. Right now I have so many projects nowhere near finished and I just felt a sort of blahness every time I thought about working on any of them. I wanted some instant accomplishment gratification and these were just the ticket.
Now I ought to get in some serious work on the Baby Surprise Jacket. I'm not sure just where I am in this crazy-looking thing, but think maybe I'm about 2/3 finished...and that estimate may be generous.
Tomorrow's the last class and I really wanted to be finishing it up in that class. I don't think it's going to happen unless I work fast enough tonight to set my needles on fire...well, it's on Denise needles, so I guess they'd just melt and emit toxic fumes...

I'll end this post with a picture of someone who always manages to comfort me - Clover the Sweetest Dog Being in the Universe...this picture made me laugh...hope some of her sweet gentle nature wafts right off the screen and warms your heart. Namaste, Zann


At 6/28/06, 1:51 PM, Anonymous erica said...

I found you by reading the FF crochet forum the other day and thought I would say Hello. I wanted to let you know that your mention of the flower communion service brought back memories of my upbringing at the 1stUU in Detroit. Good memories. And secondly I knit the baby surprise sweater as my second project (baby socks were first) and it was a very fun piece to do with out a photo so it was truely a surprise. I am liking how you are whipping it out in one color, as we were instructed to change colors..... So hello to one kindred spirit type from another. Keep on keeping. Be well. Erica

At 6/29/06, 6:21 AM, Blogger Luscious Gracious said...

Wow, 'Zann, the coincidences just keep coming. When Stephen went away to college (Butler, I joined him a year later), he brought me a dog from the pound to keep me company. He was a little black and white, very sweet mutt, and we named him Clover. He's the only dog we ever had, and we share many memories of his antics. He was a show-off, and cried more than I did when Stephen left every Sunday night to go back to the dorm. Seems like a lifetime ago. Thanks for triggering a memory.


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