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Apr 19, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 19

PoMoSco-Day 19
Badge: Quiet On Set

Directive: Listen to TV show, podcast, etc. at least 30 minutes. No stopping, rewinding, etc. Note words and phrases, use them as source text - deletions can be made, but you must retain the order in which they were heard.

My Poem:
Ask Permission To Enter The Forest

Apr 18, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 18

PoMoSco - Day 18
Badge: Open Book

Directive: Open book or magazine to 2-page spread.Scan pages for words and phrases to use. Poem must be created by using only words in source text and only in the order they appear.

My Source Text: Gaston Bachelard. The Poetics of Space

(As I wrote to another PoMoSco poet, using Bachelard for found poetry almost feels like cheating – the poetry is there on every page like Easter eggs just laying unhidden on the lawn!)

My poem:
And All The Spaces Of Our Past

Apr 17, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 17

PoMoSco - Day 17
Badge: Spelling B

Directive: Using a "seed phrase" and a source text, put them into the "Diastic Poem Generator" - which chooses words from the source text based on the letters of the seed phrase. Poems must be found by deleting words - remaining words must be used in order.

My poem:
Over The Heart Always Through

Apr 16, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 16

PoMoSco - Day 16

Badge: Blender

Directive: Enter text selection into online "blender" - Use words & phrases from resulting mix-up - in the exact order they appear.

My source text: Plant Healer Magazine No. 14, Vol. IV, Issue II,  p. 188. PDF

My poem:
The Body Can Flourish In This Unlikely Place

Apr 15, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 15

PoMoSco -Day 15
Badge: As Advertised

Directives: Find a public bulletin board and create a poem using only words found on postings. Take a picture of the bulletin board & post with poem.

Used the board at Tater 'n' Joe's Cafe, where we have our monthly poetry readings.

My poem:

Apr 14, 2015

PoMoSco-Day 14

PoMoSco-Day 14
Badge: Survey Says

Directive: Create a 5-10 question survey and distribute it. Craft a poem using only the words in the answers
My survey was about fear.

My poem:
Sometimes The Dark

Apr 13, 2015

PoMoSco - Days 11, 12, 13

PoMoSco - Day 11
Badge: Haiku Anew

Directives: Choose a haiku and using the Haiku Discombobulator ,  create another.

My source: an Issa haiku

My discombobulated haiku:
Twilight Woman


PoMoSco - Day 12
Badge: Pinch an Inch

Directives: Draw an inch-wide column down a page or pages of source text, either left, right or down the middle. Create a word bank using only words found in that inch. Craft a poem from them.

My source: Plant Healer Magazine No. 14
(This is an gorgeous, useful digital magazine, check it out if you are an herb/plant lover)

My poem:

This is another found poem that turned out to be quite personal, about my mother with Alzheimer's.

PoMoSco - Day 13
Badge: Picture It

Directives: Use erasure/redacting techniques to bring out words for a poem, add visuals to the page with drawing, collage, etc.

My source: 
Burch, Noel. Theory of Film Practice.

My poem: 
Structures of Aggression