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Jul 29, 2006

Freeform Bits 'n' Pieces

Here's a box lid filled to overflowing with 2 weeks or so's worth of freeform play.

These are knitted strips in Silk Garden #87, randomly increased and decreased as I went along, edged in single crochet in Nature Spun 3-ply sport weight yarn.

These are all crocheted spirals and circles, with a few little rectangles.

There's quite a bunch more as I have just been busy, busy making these bits and pieces. I'm not doing too much yarn texture/stitch/shape variation, so they aren't as varied as most freeform work. I think, though, that I am discovering my personal freeform style.

I'm working kind of small, with the Silk Garden being the thickest yarn and I'm using a lot of Nature Spun sport weight and some hand-dyed sock/fingering weight. Sometimes I am doubling the latter, but often just using it alone.

I'm changing between hooks - 3.25, 3.5, 4.0 and leaving lots of ends for eventual surface embellishment and connecting of bits. I've already embellished with French knots (one of my favorite embroidery stitches) on quite a few of the pieces.
And what will all this come to?
I have hopes of a vest, and have actually begun putting one together.
But it may only wind up being a box of pretty dream bits.
Either way, it's okay I think.

This iridescent green beetle entertained me on the porch steps today.
On a more somber note, I've begun putting some of the drawings from my Grief Art Journal in a Flickr photo set. Here's one I did this week:

07.25.06 Ink, watercolor
"Patrick's death rips through the whole of me.
i am trying so hard to survive and heal.
a grey fog of sad sometimes permeates everything."

The art journal is really wonderful for expressing my feelings and moods. And most of the time the drawings I do surprise me - very often they end up being very different from what I began to draw. I think working in this visual journal is one of the most healing things I do.
May all beings find peace.


At 8/1/06, 10:35 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the idea of your Grief Journal. Yesterday, I posted about some of my feeling about my dad's dying. It helped to write what I was feeling and not keep it locked inside.

I love your scrumbles collection - it's realy inspired me as I have a colorwa selected for my next project but not much else. I like the wavy knitted bits and think I might go flatter than usual with the scumbles - Thank you!!

And yes, I so think your developing your personal scrumble style - and it's beautiful. Very organic and nature-ful. Is that a word?

At 8/2/06, 6:57 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

The silk garden freeform's look like a puzzle that I want to make!


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