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Sep 19, 2009



Today is the beginning of Navratri - nine nights of meditation on the Divine Feminine in three aspects as embodied in Kali, Lakshmi and Sarasvati. On the Spirituality and Practice site, Ami Bhalodkar has a page about this Hindu holiday that is a nice guide to observing it.
Om Bhavani.



I like it that I'm working on my copper wirework Goddess pendants during this time:

And speaking of Goddesses:
...this is one of my personal favorite goddesses, Yarn Goddess Martha of RiverWools, my LYS.
Here is she unpacking bee-you-ti-ful hanks of Mountain Colors Weaver's Wool, Mountain Goat and their silk/merino lace yarn.
It all smells good, too.
And she's in front of my beloved Noro section! (It's okay, Dream in Color, you know I adore you, too.)

Om Bhavani,

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