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Jul 27, 2008


Easy peasy crochet to make a crop of these crenellated pseudospheres...chain 5 or so, join and then just single crochet twice in every stitch - around and around and around and around until it's as big as you like. The one at the bottom right was made of Malabrigo and wet-felted.

If you want an explanation of the math of it all plus other cool looking constructions (hyperbolic planes and discs, double spirals), get on over to the Institute for Figuring and order
A Field Guide to Hyperbolic Space by Margaret Wertheim.
Check out the gallery, too.

And what can you do with a pseudosphere? I'm using mine to hold stuff.
This is an ATC by my friend Linda. It's called "The Last We Saw of Her."
And here's what a corner of my desk looks like, where I am using another pseudosphere to hold some Post-It notes.

Next post - what I did with these:



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