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Jun 26, 2008

Perfection of Moment

Last Saturday.
Granddaughter Sophia spent the night Friday and we were out early Saturday shopping at the Terre Haute Farmer's Market. Early birds get the berries. We came home with homemade doggie treats for Clover, some fantastic raspberries, mulberries, zucchini bread, chocolate bread, fresh basil and zucchini.

Sophia and I had the most wonderful breakfast on the back porch with yogurt and our berries and the two kinds of sweet bread. The air was cool and the sun was golden streamers through the leaves. Clover was trotting around the yard, checking on us every once in a while.

And I sat there and felt, in the whole of the moment, an existential joy and peace. And it was precious and full. Unmitigated by grief and sorrow. Such a great gift....


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