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Apr 2, 2008

Easter Basket for Sophia

Easter (like everything else lately) sort of sneaked up on me. I was very happy to have pulled together a sweet little basket gift for Sophia at the last moment. And very happy to find a use for a ball of a yarn that I didn't much like:

You might be surprised at how much fun I had cutting a whole ball of yarn into 2" pieces....snip, snip, snip, whee!.....once I got over an initial sense of 'this is SOOOOO wrong.' It's either pathetic or a sign of character that cutting up a ball of yarn seems wicked and daring to me.

For sweet treats, two cookies with green sprinkles and an organic chocolate bar.
Except for the bunny (it had a hoodie!), the rest of the gifties were pulled out of my present stash - a box full of little things I save to use as gifts. That stash was started years and years ago, added to when I find sales and neat stuff. It's been more than useful, it's saved me much stress. Going shopping up in the Goddess Room closet is much, much less stressful than a trip to the mall. And I wouldn't find the sorts of things I like to give there anyway.

My favorite source for gift stashing is craft and art fairs. I get to support an artist and buy handmade.
This little wallet was purchased on eBay years ago, made by Jill Adcock in New Zealand - stitched together from felt she made from her own hand-dyed roving.
Inside, I tucked a Hearthsong Pocket Pal and a knitted, felted heart by me.



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