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Jun 13, 2008

Flooding, Felted Bitz, a Hat

We had 7 inches of rain here in Terre Haute, so I'm dealing with tasks related to that. If you've a mind to read about it, I'm writing it up on my decluttering blog, A Chair is a Closet.

I've just gotten over two weeks of a cold that moved into bronchitis. During that time, my creative urge was to felt little things, which one day will become something. Something in what I think of as my 'Think Happy Thoughts' series....who knows? Maybe these little bitz and pieces are just meant to be that:
and finally, I finished another hat.

Here it is being modeled by granddaughter Raven (not quite finished at that time, still some ends to weave in.)

I've been thinking of it as the Skep Hat, but I want to name it something like:
Bees Making Honey in the Golden Sun -- the color and shape began to remind me of a bee skep early on, and as I worked, the bullions and bits of novelty yarn certainly seemed like busy bees to me.
It's mostly Malabrigo in the Sunset colorway. The brim is Uma, and the novelty yarns are Baroque and...oh my goodness...this is such an amazing synchronicity that I am just realizing as I type this.... Filatura di Crosa's MELISSA!!!

Melissa means honey bee.... there are all sorts of derivatives of this word for bee-related things. I knew that. Yet I didn't even consciously realize it until now.

This hat had some magic for me before, but it is definitely just tingling with it now!

On that delicious note, I'll end this today.



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