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Mar 7, 2006

The Hats, the hats, the hats, the hats, the.....

Hats. More hats. Hats as therapy? Maybe that's why Cakey hats, Party remind me life is joyous and silly as well as awful and serious, sometimes at the same time. Mom's having a crisis-time, so I've not got much time for words here, but I did want to post pictures of what I'm up to when I'm trying to unwind, destress lately....
Here's a hat I'm thinking of as ....Hat for Creating Small Rainbows Wherever You Go

This hat has a wild might think I was daunted by the prospect of weaving-in all those ends, but I've actually found the weaving-in part of making these hats to be....not unpleasant. Actually, meditative....I just start at one side and work my way through the task, one end after the other, thinking of things (shoes, and ships and sealing wax) and I can see the progress and then suddenly I am finished and filled with that good feeling when something is complete.

So I wasn't daunted by the task, but intrigued by how this might look if worn on this side. I like the Wild Side. And so, for now, I'm leaving the hat with one.

I shall let you know if I dare to wear the private side publicly.

And the other day, I was toying with the idea of taking my face out of the hat pictures and drawing in a face. Here are various models wearing the Rainbow-making hat (I like Hilda at the bottom a lot):

And now here are all the hats I've made in about a week. They make me happy just to look at them, so I love them very much. The newest one I've made is always my favorite.

View from the top:

Hope The Hats make you smile, too!


At 3/7/06, 4:20 PM, Blogger Carol Dean said...

Now if only I could TOUCH them! These are truly wonderful. Have you considered adding some beads to the "private" side unwovens and making them public?

At 3/7/06, 11:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay Hats!!
I'm so glad to see you are having fun with yarn in the midst of life's chaos..
you are so much braver with yarn explorations than I have been!

(your SP7)

At 3/8/06, 8:04 AM, Blogger jackie said...


They make me want to smile and dance.

Any golden hats in your future?

At 3/8/06, 3:14 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

carol dean: Beads...hmmm. I like the idea but I'm thinking that beads might make it uncomfortable to wear the more conservative side out. And I liked the idea of the hat being reversible. But I shall keep the idea of beads to ponder.

SP7 - fun with yarn,yes! I've been experimenting with that Gold today, which brings me to Jackie's comment: You must be psychic, asking about gold hats!!

At 3/8/06, 11:47 PM, Blogger Louisa said...

'Zann, this might be a stupid question, but how come you don't crochet over those ends to work them in as you go? I mean, I love the wild hairy insides but it should be so easy to eliminate any sewing in afterwards. Am I missing something? (Wouldn't be the first time!)

At 3/9/06, 1:07 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Louisa, that's an interesting question. Sometimes I do take care of ends as I go along, especially in knitting. When I made the first hats, I was making corkscrews and letting some of the ends stick out on the right side. As I did the later ones, I wanted the option of doing something with the ends if I liked where they wound up. So I just left them all.

Thanks for asking - I forget sometimes to think about why I do what I do!

At 3/9/06, 3:20 PM, Blogger Carol Dean said...

Okay, how 'bout felted beads? Gotcha!


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