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Feb 21, 2006


I've been going through my swatches and these seemed worth sharing here. And they have tentacles!

These were color/stitch experiments with Lion Brand Homespun and Lily Sugar 'n' Cream cotton. At the time there was no LYS here and Hobby Lobby was the only yarn source in town. I had become rather enamoured with the Homespun (so soft) despite my yarn snob pure-natural-fiber predeliction and the Lily is inexpensive and I wanted to see how they worked together. I did wind up making a vest with Homespun and Sugar 'n' Cream. I also made a cocoon from the Homespun alone. I was very disappointed with the pill propensity of Homespun. I rarely wear the vest, but the cocoon is a pilled-but-cosy item of warmth and comfort wear.

In all these swatches, the Homespun is not actually knitted together with the Sugar'n' Cream. I was experimenting with a technique of carrying the Homespun with my left hand and weaving it in as I knitted the Sugar 'n' Cream. It's woven in by flipping the yarn to the front on one stitch, knitting a stitch, flipping the Homespun to the back and so on.

This green combines with Mardi Gras and Mexicana. The green is garter stitched. On both the following swatches (Grape and Black) I used Mardi Gras, Corinthian and Mexicana, 3 panels in garter stitch, 3 panels in stockinette. I just realized I should have photographed the reverse sides, as that gives yet another texture and appearance for this combination.

I have never actually knitted anything more complex than a scarf using this weaving-in technique as it is rather tedious and there are issues with the edges, you have to be careful as you carry the weaving yarn to the next row or you get an ugly sort of diagonal stitch at the edge. On all of these swatches, the borders are 3 st in garter.

I had forgotten about this technique and am glad to be reminded of it. It is a very good way to utilize an expensive yarn - you will use a lot less if you weave it into a piece knitted with a less costly yarn.

I'm thinking now about some felting experiments with some of this weaving/knitting....
have a joyful, creative day!


At 2/22/06, 3:07 PM, Anonymous Margot said...

Interesting technique with some real possibilities. Looking forward to seeing how it felts.


At 2/23/06, 11:47 AM, Blogger Carol Dean said...

I love Homespun beyond reason (and within budget. What to do about the pilling?

At 3/3/06, 8:59 PM, Blogger Rrramone said...

I prefer to drink art.


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