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Feb 19, 2006

Bluebirds, Felt Tentacle Pot

One of the pitfalls of decluttering is finding things you love, that you'd forgotten you had. That is also one of the joys. The pitfall is, of course, in wanting to keep all those wonderful rediscovered objects. Luckily I am in ruthless mode, so I have been pretty discriminating about what deserves to remain part of my life. This passes the test.
It is a 36" square cloth, white cotton, embroidered with bluebirds and the saying, one line around each side:
"There'll be bluebirds
Over the white cliffs
Of Dover tomorrow
Just you wait and see"

That's how I tend to read it, but you could start with almost any of the lines..."Over the white cliffs of Dover tomorrow, just you wait and see, there'll be bluebirds."

I got this on eBay for about $9 (eBay's also a joyous/pitfall thing) and it somehow wound up being buried on The Chair that started me on the decluttering journey.

I wish I could get a good photograph of the whole thing, but parts and your imagination will have to do. There is an embroidered bluebird at the center of each side, and as you can see, the edge of the cloth curves around the bluebird's breast.

Each corner has a pair of bluebirds with flowers. The interesting thing to me is that the birds are tinted blue just a bit. At first, I thought the dye from the embroidery floss had bled during a washing, but the tint clearly remains inside each bird outline. This cloth was a preprinted design to be embroidered over and I guess came with the pale blue tint already on the cloth.

And what can I say about bluebirds? Powerful symbols to me for a kind of pure optimism I like to call upon...promises of all the bright little joys that fly in and out of our lives.
As I said, this is a keeper - fiber! needleart! bluebirds!

Let's move along from bluebirds to tentacles....
Here is one of my felted vessels from the fall, a piece that is more in line with my most extravagant visions for my fiber art future.

This was knitted with some lightly spun roving from Deb Brandt ( DudleySpinner ) dyed in darker shades: green, brown, black. I do my felted bowls and pots from the bottom up, because it seems easier to play with the edge of the vessel with all the live stitches at the end. This was the first time I really let myself go with that edge in a kind of freeform way. But I didn't pursue that and create any case, I wanted to remind myself of my vision and hopefully I will get back to exploring more on that path.

bluebirds / tentacled pots - it is an odd mixture of things that speak to me!
stay warm,
'zann in single-digit Indiana


At 2/24/06, 4:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe the lines are lyrics from the WWII (I think) song--it has a beautiful melody:
They'll be bluebirds over
The white cliffs of Dover. . .


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