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Feb 16, 2006

Travelin' Turtle

I'm making this entry especially for the LusciousGracious family whose intensively creative life and blog always provide inspiration to me. One of the many projects their lovely girls have created is a set of Noah's Ark cards as a gift for their cousin, with an animal for each letter of the alphabet. They have been sharing this work, a few cards at a time, on the blog. Their smiling, standing Tom the Turtle reminded me of my Travelin' Turtle and I promised pictures for them.

You can see Tom here. Just scroll down, but not too quickly! Take a moment to admire the gorgeous sweater Kiki and the girls made - one sweater which all three of them can wear! Not all at once, of course. And if you have time, take a good long look around the LusciousGracious studio - there is a wealth of knitting and photography and writing and love.
Turtle is one of my totem animals and this little statue came to me during some of my most stressed days in the last year. She perfectly epitomizes the qualities of Turtle that resonate with me - carrying all she really needs, a protective shell to retreat into when necessary, and the reminder of the possibility of slow, but steady progress....

If I was an innkeeper in Middle Earth, my inn would be The Sign of the Travelin' Turtle.



At 2/18/06, 3:14 AM, Blogger Luscious Gracious said...

'Zann, I read this entry yesterday, but had some computer problems and couldn't respond. I just want to say thank you, and that the inspiration flows both ways. I hope that you know that, and how much I appreciate the little things. Like the common affinity for turtles. That is so you. And I totally see the turtle inside of you. Also, your work lately has been so lovely, and I sense a change in you (so subtle via internet, but there nonetheless). How amazing, this learning-as-you-go thing called life...


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