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Feb 2, 2006

Brown Sheep Sable/Silk Garden/Cascade Socks

I finished these a while back and I ADORE them! They are perfect sandal socks and the weather has been so warm lately that I have been able to wear and wear them.

Paradoxically, my perfect socks are quite imperfect:
*they do not match
*one sock is, for a reason I cannot figure out, slightly bigger than the other, width-wise.
*I forgot that I wanted to do the toe in black as well

Wabi-sabi? Perhaps.

I enjoy wearing them, the way they feel on my feet and I enjoy looking at them when they are on my feet.

Yarn: I used three different yarns:
Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Worsted in Sable (this is a fabulous heathery brown)
Silk Garden (cannot find band for color, but am pretty sure it's 204)
Cascade220 Black
Needles: Size 4 dpn

I wanted to do the heel and toe in the Cascade both because I like to have the heel and toe in a different color and because I thought the Cascade 2-ply would wear better in those high-stress areas than the BS 1-ply.

Pattern: A hybrid which combines two basic patterns, one for a beginner sock using worsted yarn and size 6 needles, and one for a Basic Sock which was printed in Spin-Off magazine about 10 years ago. CO 48 stitches, work 2/2 rib for about 7 rows, then did 2-row stripes in stockinette with the Silk Garden and Lamb's Pride, worked the heel in heel stitch with the black Cascade 220. I meant to do the toe in the black as well, but simply forgot.


At 2/3/06, 12:15 AM, Blogger Luscious Gracious said...

Perfect yarns. Perfect socks. Wabi sabi indeed! You deserve a huge hoo-rah for these socks. The best I have seen lately. Great job!

At 2/5/06, 4:18 AM, Blogger Knitting Painter Woman said...

I am always glad to find IF/Knitting/Booklover combinations! My DS is in Bloomington... do you ever go to the spinning/knitting classes in the shop there? I've signed up to do 3 (eek) pairs of socks with YarnHarlot's knitting olympics.


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