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Jan 12, 2006

Personal/Political Thursday

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be about my fiber arts projects, writing and books. I've been fairly conscientious about leaving highly personal writing for my private handwritten journal. And I will continue to do so, but every once in awhile, I feel like I need to post more of myself here - especially as my art-making evolves.
I want to continue to make pretty, whimsical, quirky sweet things, yes, because I think that kind of energy needs to be in the world in abundance.
But sometimes I create things that release other energies, that communicate about darker things.
Last Thursday, I posted a more personal episode about coloring my hair. Not particularly meaningful in the grand scheme, but personal.
And today is another Thursday and I'm thinking about posting more personally, so I've decided that Thursday posts will be my Personal/Political posts. If you hate my politics (decidedly to the left) or my personal posting, but like to see my work, just skip the Thursday posts!
And here we go:
  • I continue to be very stressed by my mother's condition and some of my family responsibilties. Knitting and other artistic endeavors are the most amazing de-stressers for me. Better than drugs - I get calm and peaceful and get something to wear or look at afterwards. Try doing that with a Xanax.
  • I am opposed to the Iraq war and have been so from the beginning.

I Feel Safer Now, 2004,
Poster board, picture of Pentagon, plastic, duct tape

Homeland Security Wear, 2004
plastic, duct tape, cardboard
  • I am opposed to the death penalty and have been actively involved in protesting it, since we have the only Federal Death Row in the country right here. Behind the mall. In May, there are 3 executions scheduled within a 6-day period....
There. That wasn't so bad. Was it?


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