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Dec 15, 2005

New Goodies and a Spiral Square

Just time for a quick note, as I have to spend most of the day out at the nursing home. I'm trying to tend to my spirit by going to my art and creative activities as much as possible. Between that and meditation, even 10 minutes, I am able to keep on trucking.

Just received a package from one of my favorite fiber people on eBay, Bob of Winderwood Farm. Today's delights:
a small Kromski niddy-noddy
8 oz. of beautifully dyed merino/tussah silk
a 4 X 6 Weavette

I have several vintage Weave-It looms, and I'm hoping to start something take-along soon.

On the knitting front, I'm always knitting a scarf in some kind of Noro and have started making some more large squares in Kureyon. Perhaps I shall make another 3-Square Shawl, but I'm also going to explore creating a vest out of the squares.

Meanwhile, I knitted this interesting spiral square, from a pattern in Hand Knitting / New Directions by Alison Ellen. I made it very big, using a whole skein of Kureyon for all the garter stitch raised rows and Cascade 220 in black for the alternating 2-row stockinette. I haven't blocked it or anything and it measures about 15" on each side. I'm thinking of making a shawl with this as the center piece and doing something else for the sides. We shall see....


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