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Jan 11, 2006

Where I Knit (and read,drink tea, nap....)

I haven't been tagged with this meme, but have seen other knitbloggers who have, and thought it was an interesting one.

The Knitting Throne, 01/03/06

Here is the cluttered place where I do most of my knitting: in my living room in a big fat chair that is comfy enough for a person to turn sideways, legs over an arm, and take a wee nap. The ottoman would be the place to put the nappee's legs, but it's always covered with some variation of:

If the stacks of books to the left get higher than my head, it's time to pare them down.
That purple velour thing folded on the top of the chair is a wonderful microwavable heat wrap - which smells like cloves and lavender and other herbal delights. There isn't much more relaxing than putting that over my shoulders, snuggling into the cozy chair and knitting something with a meditative rhythm to it.

Over to the right, unseen in the picture, is a perfect little space where my trusty old Louet and I spin.

Also unseen in the picture, but certainly close by, is a perfect little dog being, my trusty midde-aged spirit mutt, Clover, who adopted me 6 years ago.

Clover, 01/06/06

Pretty chilly but sunny here in Indiana today. Sun has been a rare jewel lately, and it's lovely to see it.


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