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Mar 3, 2006

Illustration Friday - Insect

Illustration Friday 03.03.06
Theme: Insect

Yes, I have a dark side. It isn't all elven woods and fairy pots. I usually start my Illo Friday work by finding text for inspiration. As soon as I saw "insect" was the theme, I knew I would do something with bees. I am fascinated by bees, I think honey is sacred, and I find naturalist books about bees to be poetic. Right beside me now I have The Dancing Bees by Karl von Frisch and Birds and Bees by John Burroughs (an 1887 Riverside Literature Series copy). I had all kinds of honey and flowers and bees buzzing about in my head....but this quote by Cocteau took over. I want it out of my head, and making it into the Illo Friday piece was the only way.

I feel better now.



At 3/3/06, 1:30 PM, Blogger valerie walsh said...

yes, i love bees too! unique and inspired illo and wonderful words

At 3/4/06, 2:50 AM, Blogger The Unknown said...

That is freaky and cool. My brother loves bees and I love the honey my brother gives me.

At 3/5/06, 5:29 PM, Blogger ::: a ::: said...

we had bees living in our bathroom this past summer. the other night, i could swear i heard them buzzing in the walls.

At 3/6/06, 7:52 PM, Blogger Saul Iscariot said...

Great picture, if I were a teacher I'd give it a B+.


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