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Feb 27, 2006

Another cakey hat

Not a very good picture, I'm afraid.
I really want to get a mannequin head to photograph hats. When I'm the model, it's a long photoshoot. I worry too much about weird shadows, double chins and bizarre skin tones. I decided to wear this mask so I wouldn't fret about those things and get a good picture of the hat. However, I have to take the photgraph in the bathroom mirror and the light is never right in there. The colors came out too dark, and the freeform meandering detail just doesn't show.

In any case, I'm on to something here - liking the two hats I've made very much and wanting to make more. I've already started a new one in greens, and I have a bluesy bunch of yarns set aside. I may take this one down to the Titzer Art Studio and add it to the things I have on consignment there.

It feels truly excellent to feel this excited about a fiber project again!


At 2/27/06, 7:58 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

What fun hats! They look like they knit up quite quickly too.

It is hard to get a good picture of one's self. I know a fellow who has taken some marvelous pictures of himself with the "hold the camera at arms length and snap yourself" method. He used to do this even before the advent of digital camera. His comment was " I wasted a lot of film"

At 2/27/06, 10:11 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

They are mega-fun! Only the brim part is knitted, though. The rest of the hat is crochet. I pick 3-4 different multi-colored yarns with lots of texture,varying thicknesses. I use #11 or 13 needles and a J crochet hook.

It's just perfect for someone who likes a bit of serendipity and change in a project. The two so far have both taken 2 evenings to complete. and a little morning stint of weaving-in ends.

Since I leave little ends sticking out here and there, even the weaving-in is not too much of a chore!

At 2/27/06, 6:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the mask--especially this close to Mardi Gras! You are so ingenious! (I, too, hate trying to get a good picture of myself. It's possible, but not easy!)

Fun hats!


At 2/28/06, 8:53 AM, Blogger ::: a ::: said...

hi. i discovered your blog here by way of what a fun read this is. i will add you to my bloglines so i can keep up with your posts.

At 2/28/06, 9:08 AM, Blogger ::: a ::: said...

oops i forgot...people who take the new york institute of photography course get a free styrofoam head to help with practicing for portraits. maybe you could call or email them and ask where you can get one...(i think their web address is: ). or you could try asking at the msn message boards for nyip students...maybe someone would give you theirs.


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