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Mar 2, 2006

Hat for Spring Dreaming in Elven Woods

hat for spring dreaming in elven woods
2006, wool, mohair, microfiber, viscose, acrylic, nylon, polyester yarns, knitted & crocheted

Hat ingredients
from bottom, clockwise: Filatura di Crossa BUFFO, Classic Elite CALLIOPE, Jo-Ann Sensations COSETTA, Adriafil BAROQUE

Using novelty-type yarns with synthetic content like most of the above is...well, a novelty for me. There is enough wool and mohair in the yarns to mitigate my fiber snobbery though. Recently, at Jo-Ann Fabrics, I discovered that there were some of the inexpensive Jo-Ann yarns with good wool content that I liked and I'm having a great time combining them with the more pricey yarns.

Here is my current 'on the hook' hat, two of the three yarns are from Jo-Ann and appeared first in the hat posted in my last entry -- same skeins! and the third yarn is Calliope, the very same ball has added some to all of the hats I've done so far.

Often I don't think I have a good color combining eye, but with these hats I feel like something is different, that maybe over the last few months my eye has learned something new. I think it may be because I am becoming more free and a bit bolder and because I make a regular practice of searching out the work of others (not just fiber others) to enjoy and admire.

I'll take a moment here to thank my friend Margot for sending me URLs whenever she comes across interesting art - fine, whimsical, cute, funky, fiber, paint, needlework, photography - a great variety. Thank you, Margot!!! Here's the latest one she shared: fibrelog. And once she sent me this gallery site.

And while I'm sharing, I've added a site to my sidebar listing of 'art/inspiration' - the work of Diana Lynn Thompson is... spirit food...


At 3/2/06, 11:01 PM, Anonymous white tea said...

Keep up the good work. Would love to see more posts.

white tea

At 3/2/06, 11:31 PM, Anonymous Margot said...

Thanks Zann, for putting up with me sending you all those urls. :)


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