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Mar 4, 2006

Jeudi Gras!!

My clever, thoughtful Secret Pal struck again this week. Her creativity started with the box, which was beautifully, purply stenciled with designs.
It arrived on Monday, I think, but I was so involved with big, difficult stuff with my mother that I decided to wait to open it until I could take time to really enjoy the Event (and opening my sp's gifts are really capital-E Events!) Finally, on Thursday, I found the perfect time to open the package:

I got the theme (she does theme packages!) the minute I opened the first two flaps to see the Mardi Gras coins sitting there. I'm sure she packed it that way (remember my first package had a balloon that gracefully and perfectly floated out when I opened it.)
And here is the purple-green-gold -packaged fun:

and all the amazing treasures out to admire.

My detail pictures didn't come out so well, but there are Mardi Gras beads and coins, ceramic heart magnet, a set of zippered pouches, two round paper-covered boxes, one purple and one a Mary Engelbreit box ("Queen for the Day" - oh,yeah!), crafty spiral stamp and punch, some bits of shell and a little vial of sand, matreshka part III, a New Orleans jazz CD (which I am listening to right this moment), an intricate origami star, a purple-and-green-and-gold feather boa (whoo-hooo), a box of Zataran's Gumbo mix, and a gorgeous, mysterious, magical Peacock Mask.

SP wrote wonderful words in this card relating it to New Orleans and her residents today. It's a Mary Engelbreit illustration that also has some deep meaning for me right now.
The traveler is at a crossroads marked "your life" and "not an option" and headed off to her life...

And oh yes, this is a Secret Pal exchange among knitters, so there was this gorgeous stuff:

Adriafil GOLD

It's all shimmery, glimmery and looks like what I imagine Rumplestiltskin spun. It invites touching which I did every time I walked by the table
and I just had to try something with it, so I combined it with purple Malabrigo in this spiral ornament,
which I must admit looks like a bottle brush, but I'm sure I'll find the right way to use this spun gold in the future.

There was also this very interesting-looking fiber mixture to spin tucked in a pouch made of the most lovely black/purple/green iridescent fabric. Both fiber and pouch deserve a much better picture!!

Thank you so much, SP! You are wonderful at choosing things for me that are perfectly me. I love it all and opening this package was
a wonderful treat after a difficult week!

and now I'm going to post this and hope it doesn't come out all layout-weird as I've tried to be clever with text and images here instead of my usual image-center postings. Here goes....


At 3/4/06, 5:38 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks lovely from this monitor! Yay layout!!

I'm so glad you love it all! I have SO much fun picking things out and packaging them up for you!

(Your SP .. hey, you've figured it out already, but let's keep the rest of your readers guessing a little longer... ;)

At 3/4/06, 7:15 PM, Anonymous Margot said...

Wow! What a wonderful SP you have. What an amazing array of Mardi Gras fun.

At 3/5/06, 8:34 AM, Blogger jackie said...

What a wonderful secret pal you have! I had a strange dream that you had an open house and all your blogger friends came! You had a huge party in an incredible house with lots of balconies from which we all watched the most amasing and quiet fireworks. They were all balls and spirals! Where did this dream come from???? Who knows?


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