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Aug 17, 2020

15th Anniversary of Lizards in the Leaves

 Well, almost. It was yesterday. I made my first post here on August 16, 2005.

It's an interesting synchronicity that I came here to search for something I'd written, then felt a strong desire to renew posting here, then decided to look up my first post and see that it was a significant date in the life of this blog. 

I haven't posted here for over year. We are in the middle of a pandemic, in the middle of the most far-reaching social upheaval I have experienced in my nearly 70 years on-planet.  My husband and I are keeping a rigorous protocol of isolation and this is Day 161 of that.  We're okay and so far my loved ones are as well. We all take this very seriously.  Wear masks, keep a good distance from other humans. Limit indoor public spaces.  For my husband and I that means zero indoor public spaces.  Groceries...everything....delivered to our front porch. 

We have Family Zoom gatherings every few weeks and those are rather fun. Two days ago, my son Shaun and granddaughter Sophia came over and brought their own chairs and we sat, masked and physically distanced, in our backyard for a bit. It all sounds rather sad, yet it is really a blessing that we can connect virtually and safely.

I want to renew my connection with this blog. And I want to renew its original purpose - to share my creative work, and thoughts about process. I hope this will help me focus on that work right now.  I need to limit my doomscrolling, news watching, the glut of information and opinion that is really not useful to me and only ratchets up anxiety.

So here I am these days.  No lizards, but some lovely leaves. I try to work out here on the porch as often as I can. In the cooler air of the mornings, before the neighborhood wakes up and noise begins. Little birds alight in those leaves once in awhile.


At 8/17/20, 4:39 PM, Blogger Ripal Dirge Purge said...

You look great Zann! I am looking forward to seeing your new posts here. Doomscrolling, such a perfect word for what many of us are doing lately.


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