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Jun 17, 2019

Stitch kit for travel

For travel, I've found I can get a lot of stitching mileage in this little 6" X 8" packing cube.

A quart baggie of fabric bits and bobs plus this tin for thread and other tools gives me ample creative time with needle, cloth and thread.  And it's so compact that it easily slips into my suitcase or backpack wherever there might be a wee bit of void space.

Essentials in the tin: #9 & #10 needles on magnets stuck to the lid, a pin or two; folding scissors (though there is enough room in the cube to include my smallest Fiskar's and I usually do), needle threader (two, because if one breaks I will never be able to thread a needle), and a variety of thread and floss. 

A lovely amount of fabric scraps can be stuffed into a quart bag, too.

If I wanted to be really minimalist,  I could leave the baggie and just take the tin. A couple of these would fit, folded into the tin, and I'd still have much stitching amusement.

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