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Jun 7, 2017

Lemon balm

Communing with the plant spirits these days. No plans written in ink, just dreams, just staying open to what comes.
Last month I discovered a big patch of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis) which migrated from a plant that had been potted last year.

I've been enjoying it snipped over my daily fruit salad.

It seemed time to harvest some the other day, so I cut enough for four bundles, washed it, let it dry on a towel, then made bundles.

Trying something I just read about...setting the bundles to completely dry in paper bags with holes. I liked this idea because it protects them from dust, etc. until they are dried enough for more a permanent home in jars.

And I'm posting this picture to remind myself that I am determined to label things this year!

I had a bunch of stray leaves left on my table outside that dried up nicely, so I made a couple of sachets with them. I wrapped the lemon balm in cheesecloth for an inner bag and then used the fabric that I dyed with turmeric root.  So much plant spirit goodness in this little project!

About 2" X 3", these are sweet and subtle, perfect for tucking in pocket, purse, or under a pillow and squooshing a bit to get a light scent of lemon, a moment of calming aromatherapy.

There will be tea in the future. And, a second harvest which might yield a tincture, depending on, of course, the dreams...

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