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Oct 20, 2009

Sock Washing Day

Yup. Today's the day I washed (almost) all of my hand-knitted socks. But it's not the major chore it once was, when I carefully washed them all by hand. Thanks to Martha at RiverWools, I have learned that my knitted socks can be machine washed - even the "handwash" yarn ones -if I put them in a mesh bag on cold wash/cold rinse and DO NOT put them in the dryer.

And I finally washed my Sol-Mate cotton socks...the ones we sold for the "rOcK yOUr SoCks" fundraiser for Patrick's memorial fund at the Maple Center. This is the link to a pdf flyer for that. Fifty pairs sold, my friends! And all the money in the fund goes towards programs and workshops which promote the expressive arts as healing tools. Sol-Mate allows us to do one fundraiser per year with their fabulous socks and I think we'll do it again next year.

I've been quite busy and now I'm sick with a respiratory Thing, but I'm hoping to pay more attention to this long-neglected blog, sooner rather than later.

I need to do a sort of round-up post. And that means I have to get pictures off my camera, resized and organized. But maybe not so organized...just get 'em out of the camera and onto these pages.

One thing I've done recently is to revamp & update my pages at
And get myself a business card:

Coming up with the text for the card was an interesting exercise, and one of the reasons I've not had an actual business card before. I do so many things...

(Todd, with whom I'm selling books again, pointed out that it doesn't say "bookseller" on it. Suzanne Carter, Bookseller will just have to get her own card....)

It was also hard to decide on an image for the card. These were some of the others I considered:

But in the end, it seemed most appropriate to use the picture of the piece called My Broken Heart (Mended). That piece truly represents who I am as a person & as an artist, a person with a broken, shattered heart...who mends herself each day.



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