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Aug 22, 2006

Mon Tricot Spiral Motif

Recently, I won an eBay auction for several Mon Tricot special issues. Mon Tricot was a French knitting/crochet periodical published in the 70s and 80s. I have numerous issues that I bought back in the 70s and at the time I thought the designs as a whole were much more interesting than those in American craft magazines. Every so often, I pick up a few more issues via eBay auctions.

The auction I won included a couple of the stitch dictionaries and The Knitters' Basic Book, Vol 1 and 2. This set is a goldmine of basic information on knitting and crocheting, garment construction , patterns and techniques.
In Vol. 2, there are several patterns for basic shawls of different types and this one, composed of a spiral motif which stopped me in my tracks:Immediately, I got out a crochet hook and used the Silk Garden and the SWTC Karaoke that were at hand and was rather amazed to get the sculptural swirled motifs on the top:

I went to a larger hook and got the bottom motif which looks more like the ones depicted in the magazine. I knew that this motif pattern would be a keeper for me, one that will probably appear here and there in many pieces that I do. And I may even make that shawl!

In a previous entry, I wrote about the lack of longterm mourning symbols in our present culture and have been thinking about what I might do to create my own.
I know that no one will think of this as a mourning wreath on the door, but that's what it is to me. I may or may not add something that will make it more apparent. And I probably need to think it through more, but to me it symbolizes the spiral that is grief, that is life, that is eternal. The center could be the lost loved one....and all that radiates outward from that life...

This was made with SWTC Karaoke (50/50 soy silk/wool.) I felted it a bit by hand at the kitchen sink.

Back to those sculptural versions of this motif....I think perhaps they could be opened and flattened by blocking. The one in Silk Garden is soft and pliable. The one in Karaoke is quite firm.

I combined that wacky supercoil yarn with it and made a wire hanger:
and came up with this ornament:

My friend Laura said it looks like something Dr. Seussish.
It's very joyful in any case and it makes me smile whenever I see it.


At 8/22/06, 6:29 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zann, you bring sunshine to my day everytime I read your blog. I too think it very sad we have lost so many of lifes traditions.
All that happens in life good or bad, has to be remembered/celebrated/ grieved upon. Otherwisely everything in life becomes indiffrently.

At 8/23/06, 2:54 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

I like the ornament. It is very Seussish.

At 8/23/06, 1:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the spiral! I want to learn how to do it. :)

It looks beautiful on the door as a grief symbol.

At 8/28/06, 3:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zann! I've been thinking about you lately and wondering what you've been up to. I love your recent work! I have also been winning some neat-o stuff on eBay in the fiber arts area, such as two older issues of Belle Armoire for my collection, and a few rare and obscure crochet books. I'm trying to create my fiber art, but lately time is just not on my side. I really enjoy your blog.

At 8/29/06, 10:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind comment on my dad's passing - it's been harder than I expected. I see him in everything . Sigh.

As for that spiral - I LOVE IT!!! I NEED IT!!! It so fits my freeform style. I'm going to have to hunt up that copy of Mon Tricot. And I live the ornament and the grief wreath - what a lovely idea. Life is a circle - isn't it?

At 9/5/06, 11:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya Aunt 'Zann,

Wow.The stuff you keep making is just getting prettier and prettier.(not that the stuff you've been making isn't pretty.... But you're coming up with more interesting things!) I love that ornament thingy. It's really pretty!

Anywho.... Thank you so much for finding that Lovecraft website for me! Now i was wondering if you could find somethng else for me....... I really,really,really,really,really,
wanna find a complete hard cover book (or book set) that have all of Lovecraft's stories in it. I thought there might be a few floating around out there, when mom found Michael a book that had all of Adgar Allen Poe's stories and poems in it. That'd be awesome if you could find that too!


p.s. I told my friend Brianna about your website and gave her the link to it,And she said "Wow.Your aunt makes some really cool stuff". Just thought i'd let you know. :)

At 12/4/06, 1:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Zann --

For folks interested in that spiral motif, but who can't find that issue of "Mon Tricot", there's a similar pattern available from kpixie:

It's called the spiral shawl. I bought it a while back, and you've inspired me to get it back out.


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