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Mar 13, 2006


A few days ago Kiki, over at the Luscious Gracious family blog, posted a picture of a ball of yarn as big as her head, synthetic and so cheap it overcame her good sense of yarn snobbery. It reminded me that I, too, had fallen for Such a Deal and bought these two babies (almost 100% acrylic) at JoAnn Fabrics a few months ago:

I put a normal-sized skein of Brown Sheep there for comparison, though I suppose it would have been better to put my head in there. These are HUGE (10+ oz, 875yds) and after I took the picture, I decided to knit up a swatch from them. Knitting from these humongous skeins just looks incredibly silly and I feel like laughing every time I look at them. If Alice had run across a knitter in Wonderland, she or he would have been sitting on a tuffet knitting from giant skeins like these.

From the absurd to the sublime:
Kettle-dyed, softly spun merino from Uruguay, this yarn is created by a small family-owned company that works with a women's cooperative. It is just such a pleasure to knit. I have been parsimoniously using the two skeins I had and dreaming of having more for ages. When I had a couple of good (for me) book orders, I decided to make my dream come true, ordering enough to qualify for the 25% discount at Webs.

I was going to write the Saga of the Latest Hat, but it's way too late and I'm way too tired, so it will have to wait a day or two. Family is coming in to visit with my mother, so I will be pretty busy elsewhere for the next few days.

I'll end with a picture of my latest attempt to find a hat model:



At 3/13/06, 7:21 AM, Blogger Jackie said...

It is hard to resest a deal. The more yarn I have , though, the easier I find it to resist. Unless, of course, the yarn deal in question is truly beautiful, like your merino. What a wonderful addition to your stash.

I like your hat model! She is a stroke of brilliance!

At 3/13/06, 12:04 PM, Blogger Peacock said...

I love today's hat model! :) She's gorgeous!!


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