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Jan 17, 2007

Freeform Challenge - Just a Hint

I am hard at work on:

*materials for the Triloom Workshop which I am calling "Triloom Weaving: Creating with Small Triangles"

*socks on two circular needles

*scrumbles and ornament for the Freeform Challenge

The Freeform Challenge is open to all the members of the yahoo group for freeform crocheters. If you have an interest in ff crochet, that group is an excellent resource and regular participants include some of the most well-known freeform artists from around the world -- who are consistently friendly and generous with ideas and advice -- and amazing not-so-well-known artists who are also friendly and generous.

The Challenge is twofold: to create flat scrumbles for each of the four elements of water, earth, fire and air and to create an ornament. The scrumbles will be pinned together in wall hangings and the ornaments will hang from a Tree of Life/Tree of Peace. A golden thread is to be used in each scrumble and ornament to carry the theme of unity and connection. Surface embellishment in the form of beads, embroidery, felting is all allowed. The hope is for international participation.

There will be an online exhibition and the actual pieces will be sent in to be displayed at the two CGOA conferences scheduled for this year at each side of the country.

For a nice pictorial that shows the evolution of a scrumble, please check out Prudence Mapstone's page - click on "What is Freeform?" at her site KnotJustKnitting.

Also, take a look at the exhibit for last year's Challenge, called 60 Odd. (I can't look at it too long or a kind of intimidation sets in!)

Alas, I cannot display my pieces yet. The idea is to wait until the online exhibit is put together and that won't be for a couple of months. But I have been working diligently and have finished Earth and Water and have almost completed my ornament.

What I can do without spoiling things is to post the following hints in the form of materials pictures. And of course, bear in mind that with freeform, the selection of yarns I start out with might wind up being a quite different selection in the final piece!

I took this picture as a kind of still life of things I was using in today's work on my ornament:
First selection of yarns for Earth:
First selection of yarns for water:
Such fun....



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