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Dec 14, 2006

A Finished Object(s)

This is only going to be a teeny hellooooo entry as I just spent a great deal of time creating a long-overdue entry for my decluttering blog.

Above you see the (Brown Sheep) Wild Violet / (KnitPiks ) Carrot socks I wrote about many months ago, when I decided I was only going to knit socks with worsted weight and size 4 needles. Unfortunately I discovered that such socks are not all that comfy if you actually have to walk in them for any length of time. So I may reconsider knitting with those teeny-weeny 1's and 2's. Especially since I just got a ball of that Opal yarn created in honor of the artist Hundertwasser, whose work has long been on my inspiration shelf.

I'll be back, hopefully with a nice posting on my tri-loom adventures.


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