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Nov 21, 2006

Holiday Arts and Crafts Sale

Today I am going to be working to update my de-cluttering project blog, but I realized I hadn't posted here in 10 days. I've been busy, and it's been good-busy. A week ago Saturday, I had a wonderful time displaying -- and selling!-- work at a holiday craft fair at Centenary United Methodist Church.

Martha from Riverwools generously invited me and John (my weaving teacher) to fill her table with our handmade pretties. Here's Martha:
I went over in the afternoon and had a splendid time. It was great to sell so many things, but it was made a truly wonderful day by the good company of Martha and getting to chat with people about my work.

Afterwards, I spent an hour or so weaving on my tri-loom and having a cup of tea at Coffee Break, then it was off to Stephanie's 50th birthday party. I honestly thought the day was going to be draining and that I wouldn't stay long at the party. It's difficult for me to, well, be away from my grief, for a long period of time. But there were many wonderful women at that party, and there were numerous times where it was natural to speak of Patrick and what we are experiencing. The energy was warm and healing.

I was out until after midnight, an unusual enough occurrence that Paul remarked on it to Molly.

And speaking of Molly, she came home for a visit last week and her hair was yet another color, kind of a Raggedy Ann Red: Although, of course, the name of the color was actually something like Blood Red...


I have numerous public thanks to deliver, going all the way back to my birthday which was September 29!
Son Ian and his wife Lisa sent me fleurs:

My sister George-Anna sent me a special package full of goodies:There were all kinds of things that have become meaningful and symbolic to me over these last few months - columbine seeds, a feather hair ornament...and Paris postcards and Bear Fat soaps which have no bear fat in them (I don't think so anyway!), but are handmade in North Carolina and smell fabulous and last forever.

Extra-special was this carved robin and card from my niece Channing:

The Robin now resides on the dashboard of my car.
Channing wanted to make my card in my favorite purple/green combination, but had no green construction paper. She made her own:
Clever, crafty girl....Thank you, Channing!
More thanks in days to come...


At 11/21/06, 11:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heya Aunt 'Zann,

I'm glad you liked your b-day presents and the card. I remembered how much mom said you like green and purple together so i just had to make it green and purple no matter what. I enjoyed making those celticy letters... Anywho... I love you and i miss you.



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