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Sep 29, 2006

Clover Day

Yesterday was Clover Day - the 7th anniversary of her arrival in our family. She appeared out of nowhere, licked my hand, and followed me home from my morning walk. Well, not followed exactly....she trotted ahead of me, eager, sniffing everything in sight, tail going like a fast metronome.... She was joy on 4 legs.

I was always perplexed by my own actions that morning. I did not want the responsibility of having a dog. Normally, I'd have told the critter goodbye and go home, I'd have gone in my house and shut the door and had my tea. But that day, I went to my back yard gate and opened it and said, "Come in."

It was the joy she exuded. I wanted that pure, unbound joy trotting around my house, curling up behind my knees, prancing around my yard....

She must be about 8 now. The black patch around her eye is greying, she has become a tad more sedate, but the joy is undiminished.

We are so grateful for Clover's presence in our lives.


At 9/29/06, 11:31 AM, Anonymous Margot said...


Yup. What a sweetie. You too. Love M.

At 9/29/06, 6:38 PM, Anonymous mariyarn said...

What a joy always to have unconditionally love and joy around you. Glad you have her.

At 9/30/06, 8:50 PM, Blogger jackie said...

pretty pretty dog. I think that it is wonderful that you knew that you had found a new friend.


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