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Sep 29, 2006

Lotorp 3

I am trying out a new way of keeping records of my work. I have a nice bound book in which I make notes about patterns, but it's quite unorganized and often difficult to find particular notes. I won't give that up, but I do need some way of keeping better records. What I did this morning was create a template in AppleWorks, with the grand idea that each time I start a project, I will create a page for it, using this template. So, following is my first project recorded in the new system:

Lotorp 3

Pattern: Lotorp (by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton, Noro Revisited p. 42)

Yarn: Body: Noro Kureyon 182
Edging and Seams: Brown Sheep NatureSpun sport weight in Mountain Purple

Needles: Clover bamboo, #6 straight; Addi steel hook, 3mm

Comments: I changed the pattern, doing 2 M1 increases every other row, instead of 1 increase at beginning of each row. Marked increase side with safety pin.
I also made visible seams by joining with slip stitch crochet, randomly inserting hook in front or back to give a kind of meandering look. Strap and opening edges were edged in single crochet, alternating back and forth between inserting hook through front or back. The point of that was to create an edge that looked the same from both sides. I used Brown Sheep NatureSpun sport weight in Mountain Purple.

This is actually the 4th Lotorp, I realized. The third one was the one I made much bigger with CTH Potluck, felted it, and had it shrink dreadfully in the depth of the bag. It needs some rescue work to make it functional, so I suppose I just chose to forget entirely that I made it.

I also suppose I should mention that, while gossiping at RiverWools, I managed to twist the strap and sew it that way, discovering my error only after I had neatly woven in ends and snipped them. I tried to figure out how I could make the twisted strap become a whimsical design statement, but that was in vain and I set about undoing the seam -- a tedious, somewhat frustrating task that I chose to view as a penance of sorts, a reminder that gossiping is Not Nice. (No matter how much the gossippee might deserve to be gossipped about.)

Started: ????
Completed: 09.28.09


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Oh, 'Zann I love it!


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