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Dec 31, 2006

Tri-loom Weaving Adventures, Part 1a

I have lost a whole week due to illness, and yet....I seem to have made quite a few things! But more about that, for my last entry of the year, I want to feature my granddaughter Raven the Clever and Crafty.

She came over to spend the day with me on Friday the 22nd and I had all sorts of plans for things to do together. Unfortunately, that was the day I came down with my cold and wound up being housebound for the day. We still had a fine time, I thought, doing something I hadn't planned.

I introduced her to my 12" tri-loom. And she caught on to the weaving in a snap, finishing her first tri in about 20 minutes. Now here's the clever and crafty part.

She played around with the tri and decided it would make a neat sort of glove-wristlet. And it did, so she made another one to match, one that wasn't matchy-matchy (as they say on Project Runway.)

This is all Raven's design and work, with only a little assistance from me in helping to accomplish what she wanted, e.g., showing her how to make a strong loop by chaining and slip-stitching back through the chain.

She even figured out two ways to wear what we are calling Raven's Risters:

If Raven were here helping me write this blog entry, I'm sure she'd join me in wishing everyone a Clever and Crafty New Year!! Namaste!

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At 12/31/06, 9:27 PM, Anonymous margot said...

Wow! Clever Raven. I love the design. Waiting for the tut over at Craftster.

Happy New Year!

At 1/11/07, 5:27 PM, Anonymous claudia said...

TAG--you're it!
6 Weird Things About Me!


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