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Mar 1, 2011

Wurm done, Kusha Kusha begun

 Finished Wurm! It's a funny-looking hat and looks funny on me, but oh, it's soft and warm and I'll bet I wear it next winter for sure.  Then maybe I'll take a picture of it in use. For now:

And yup. I've been sucked right into another Yarn Harlot project.  Wouldn't you know, the very day I wrote about wising up to the fact that I love reading about Stephanie's projects but don't find them the sort of projects that hold my interest...the very day, she wrote about starting a project which uses Habu Textiles' silk stainless steel yarn.

I have been intrigued with this yarn ever since I saw it in a project featured in Living Crafts Summer '09 issue.   Scroll down a bit on that page and you can see a thumbnail and brief description of the beaded scarf-necklace.  So when Martha at RiverWools got in some Habu, I picked up some of the silk stainless steel.  I never got any farther than playing around with it and making this.

So I've started a Kusha Kusha Scarf which uses this fine, fine yarn along with a fine, fine strand of merino wool. 2/3 of it uses both yarns and gets felted.  I love this. But I'm telling myself I won't be making the Kusha sweater YH wrote about. I won't.


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