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Jan 29, 2011

Finished Objects!!

I am inordinately proud of this stack of Finished Objects - completed between November and early January. Imagine also in the pile,  the two scarves I knitted for my brother and husband.

What's really amazing (to me, anyway) is that only one of these items was an actual UFO.  The stripey shawl on the top of the right hand pile. (one skein of Noro Kureyon sock yarn, Simple Yet Effective Shawl - it's quite mini.)

I'm not sure what the temporal criterion is for an object to be granted the UFO degree, but I believe that more than 6 months of languishing on the needles is required.  And much time should have been spent in the knitting equivalent of a black hole, which doesn't even begin to form until 6 months have passed. I think Simple Yet Effective was begun in 2009, so it's fully qualified.

Of the rest of the pieces you're looking at, none were begun before late October.  You're looking at
4 shawls, 1 shrug, 3 scarves of my own random stitching, 2 looooong entrelac scarves, 1 woven, stitched hat. Add to that the knitted gifts I gave (2 scarves and a shrug) and that's for me an amazing record of completion! Maybe I'm not inordinately proud. Maybe justifiably proud!

I'm running back here to edit this post to add:

I completely forgot to give credit for some of my industriousness to Martha at RiverWools. She had a fun event in December, called Knit Down, Crochet Down, Weave Down. Leading up to that, we reported finished objects, and received for each one a ticket for a drawing at the mid-December party. Obviously the more things you finished, the better the chances of a prize. I won a $35 certificate towards any class of my choice. 
My choice would be using it towards the upcoming weekend retreat with Gwen Bortner, author of this book:
who will be doing workshops in kumihimo and working magic with entrelac!

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At 1/29/11, 2:17 PM, Anonymous caite bonham said...

Since my interest in needlework and
sewing of any kind is totally blank,I can only fully appreciate the rhythm of design and the song-like colors that touch my passion for beauty. I wish you could name
each piece--they are not just objects. They are part of your longing and dreams. You have held
them, smelled them, fondled them--
Created them, sometimes sent them away to live with those you love...

At 1/29/11, 2:26 PM, Anonymous Martha said...

Your FO's are great!

At 1/29/11, 3:21 PM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Caite, I usually do name the pieces that I design. And sometimes names will come for me as I'm knitting another designer's pattern which she or he has already named. My shawls are based on Jane Campbell's As You Like It pattern that have come to be called the Isis shawls for me. That scarf on Zelda is what I am calling a "Riff" scarf - in this case, a riff on Fibonacci numbers and knit and purl stitches.
If I had posted each piece one by one, I likely would have given their names. So rest assured, they all have names in my head!


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