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Jan 24, 2011

Vintage Button Jewelry

Very happy to have time to get back to playing with my vintage buttons and beads. I have, well, not tons, but pounds of them and I really want to use them more in my art and fiber work. 

Here are a couple of things I came up with over the weekend.
 A pendant:
and a pin:

Not sure what these will become, but the combination is speaking to me...

Right now, I'm using black artistic or bare copper wire and trying to maintain the integrity of the buttons.  I know there's a lot of discussion here and there about crafters who use vintage and antique buttons, who take off the shanks, drill holes in them or otherwise alter them.

I wouldn't do that to a truly antique or rare button, but most of the buttons I like and prefer to make things with are vintage plastic or cloth buttons, neither very rare or expensive.  That red square above is likely Bakelite, a plastic which is collectible, and one of my favorite types of buttons.

And now, back to weaving my length of Saori fabric to use for 6 hats. I'm at #4.

Wishing everyone a mindful, creative day!

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