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Jan 19, 2011

Solmate Socks

For two years now, I've run a special fundraiser for the memorial fund in my son Patrick's name. The fund is at a local nonprofit, The Maple Center for Integrative Health, and the money is to go to workshops and programs which promote the use of expressive art as a healing tool.  For four years, we've presented a major workshop focusing on meeting the challenges of loss through creative work.

In addition to grant money from ArtsIlliana, ArtReach and private donors, this workshop has also been supported by more than $1,000  raised for the programs through the Rock Your Socks fundraiser.  The more I find out about Solmate Socks the more proud I am of being able to run this FUNdraiser (and it has been fun!)

I knew at the beginning that Solmate uses yarn made from recycled cotton and that the socks are made in the USA and that they are committed to fair practices in labor and in environmental responsiblity. Then last year I found out that the remnants, seconds, etc. are used by a wonderful rag rug weaver, Hilary, who has created an amazing studio and life in an old  house in New York state. She calls her studio Crazy as a Loom Weaving Studio. When I wrote to her last year to say how delighted I was to discover the further green practices of Solmate, she very generously donated one of the Solmate Sock Rugs to be sold for the fund! (Yup, I bought it. It's my prayer rug now.)

And now I discover yet another Solmate Sock-related item (scroll down just a bit on her studio page). Hilary has created a potholder or looper loom (from recycled wood!)  and sells it along with a huge bag of Solmate Sock loops (enough for 8 squares.) I love this loom - it's 9" square, larger than the ubiquitous red metal looms usually found for potholder weaving.  And I love the loopers in those great Solmate Sock colors. 

I'm looking forward to making squares with Sophia, we've already started one. But I'm also looking forward to use this in some of Noreen Crone-Findlay's projects for potholder and small square looms.
Her book, The Woven Bag, is chockful of them!


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