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Jan 26, 2011

Birdwoman's Council Cloak

Weelllll, not quite a cloak, but I love the alliteration.
I worked on this piece in the late fall. I began with a woven triangle, picked up stitches around it and then knitted it the rest of the way.  I used 8 different yarns (my working title for it was Eight), changed colors whenever I felt like it. It's mostly stockinette, with a band of seed stitch and occasional garter.

I want to put some kind of magickal medallion at the point of the triangle and maybe dangling from the ends, as I did in the Serendipitous Soul Shawl.   (See, I love alliteration!) In fact, this shawl was inspired by that one. See that post for more construction details.
I pulled it out to wear at the opening of the fiber art show I was part of last October and loved wearing it so much I couldn't believe I hadn't made others like it. And immediately began this one.

And why Birdwoman?  Well, sometimes things just come to me as I'm working, bits of stories, characters.  As I was finishing this piece, wondering what elements I'd use for the medallions or charms, I just saw/felt a being called Birdwoman, and she was attending a great meeting for which she wore special garments. It seems like I might do a series of these cloaks for others attending that meeting.  I will have to see what unfolds...

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At 1/26/11, 12:02 PM, Blogger beauty said...

This is so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing it.

At 1/26/11, 12:17 PM, Blogger DiHiWi said...

Zann, it is beautiful! Really very lovely. Thank you for sharing. You have such a creative eye and soul.


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