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Mar 22, 2011

Catching Up / The Gopalan Gallery Show

Back in October 2010, I had the thrill of being part of a gallery show (my first!)  It was held at the Gopalan Contemporary Gallery.  I had the fun of doing it with dear fiber friends, Cathie Laska and John Salamone. Our fiber exhibit was paired with the work of Stephanie Doty, whose mixed-media really complemented the fiber.
Of course, so giddy and self-absorbed, my pictures are all of my own work, so this is a very one-sided presentation of the show.  It was gratifying and amazing to see my shawls, hats and sculptural objects displayed.  It was also a real challenge to figure out just how to do that!

I am especially proud of the stands I made for the hats - I knitted covers for vinyl balls and attached empty yarn cones to them. The cones fit fairly snugly into heavy-duty, yarn-wrapped cardboard tubes (saved from rolls of bubble-wrap.) For stability we had cans of beans at the bottom of the cones, wrapped in socks so they, too, fit snugly.  I really do like the way the hats look displayed on the round balls, rather than mannequin head-type display.

 Forest Floor Shawl (2007)
Wool, mohair, silk, nylon commercial yarn, woven, crocheted, stitched

 Wrapping Hat - Small Homage to Chakaia Booker (2009)
Wool commercial yarns, plastic button, knitted, stitched

 Joy After Sorrow  (2008)
Wool commercial yarns, crocheted, stitched

 Mangos For Breakfast By the Startling Bougainvillea (2010)
Cotton, silk, wool commercial yarns, woven, crocheted, stitched

 Motley (2010)
Wool, nylon commercial yarns, woven, crocheted, stitched

 Ritual Objects Series (2008-2010)

The Mermaid Breaks the Net and Wears It In the Deeps (2010)
Cotton, silk, wool commercial yarns, woven, crocheted, stitched

 Sujata Gopalan, the gallery owner, was very supportive of my wish to include a few of my poems that went with some of the pieces.  And I had to write an artist statement, something I'd never done before. I had a very difficult time, until I decided to think of it as another poem....

Zann Carter
Artist Statement

at first it’s all about process:
the rhythms of
the spinning
the weaving
the knitting
the crocheting
the felting...

endorphin bliss of process

and then it’s about transformation
(the unspun wool becoming
the yarn becoming
the object)

all happening in my hands
                        in my hands!

Oh, the lovely tools,
the healing ritual of familiar movements,
the spell cast by repetition,
the falling completely under that spell.
enchantment moves me through loss and sorrow,
                  the wound of the world in me,
into the sacred joy-space of creation.
it happens often enough that
i do these things again and again:

spin weave knit crochet felt

then it becomes about story
story told by bits of texture and form and color        colliding,
a wild trajectory of stitches, the way fibers meet
each other just so,
intersect, join, move away again, leap and arc
and play around spaces...

sometimes the story is whole,

sometimes there are only fragments,
solitary images that find poems to hold them, too,
pieces of a scattered puzzle, hints, clues
to a mystery that will never be solved
but wants simply to be.

i make garments to wear in dreams and fairy tales,
artifacts from a world permeated with magic and myth, a bearable reality’s


My friend Brian Morton did a review of the show and I love the way he described my work as "...airy, chaotic and bizarre..."
Next post (I hope): details of the Ritual Objects Series.

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At 3/22/11, 12:20 PM, Blogger artychick said...

Your creations are really lovely...I would wear all of them! The displays work well...Stephanie

At 3/23/11, 10:04 AM, Anonymous Gail Jewell said...

I MUST build some pin looms.........
I MUST hurry to do MORE!!!!!!!!!!!

THANK YOU for being YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!


At 3/23/11, 11:03 AM, Blogger 'Zann said...

Thanks, Stephanie - I should start wearing them. I was definitely thinking of wearing the Mermaid wrap soon.

And Gail, what a nice thing to say, great way to start my morning!

At 3/23/11, 1:02 PM, Blogger Noreen Crone-Findlay said...

Your work is absolutely enchanting, Zann. And your displays are marvelous! Congratulations!
love and hugs

At 3/24/11, 10:48 AM, Blogger Lyn said...

Completely mesmerizing! Every time I found a favorite piece - there was another to captivate me! Especially like the shrines series, The meditation game ( I'm going to make my own version), "Mangoes for Breakfast..." and "Motley"

At 3/24/11, 5:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found these through the online freeform community. What joyous expressions coming from your sorrow; how you must have loved (and keep loving) your son.
To think of being wrapped in one of your shawls makes me feel emotions that there are no words for. Thank you for the physical expression of the movement toward wholeness that so few of us/you have the means to express...and share.

Another grieving mother


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