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Apr 12, 2009

No. 12 Large hole suddenly

Large hole suddenly

appears on Ohio Street,
traps man’s car

and i wonder who
forgot to maintain

the illusion
of the street.

i know
the effort it takes
to hold

the idea
of pavement

the idea
of solid ground
beneath one’s wheels.

i know
the effort it takes
not to fall

into holes

to drive
right over them

and go on.

--Zann Carter 04.12.09
Notes: For a long time, I've had a clipping in my notebook, with the headline, "Large Hole Suddenly Appears on Ohio Street, Traps Man's Car." I actually happened on the scene when it occurred, though I was just diverted to another street and didn't have any idea what had happened. The story, and the thought of just driving along and having the street open up and grab one's car, horrified me. I knew I wanted/needed to make a poem with that headline. Nothing I did before ever seemed right, but I pulled it out to try once again for NaPoWriMo, and I'm fairly pleased with this.

As for NaPoWriMo, I'm also pleased with what the experience is teaching me. Having to come up with a completed poem every day that I am willing to post has made me more conscious of just what I do in my process that works for me. I am a little more ruthless. Often I had to let poems sit awhile before I was willing to part with bits that just didn't work but I loved too much to let go. The time constraints don't allow me that steeping period.

When I started this challenge, I wondered how much poetry I'd write that I would include in readings, be proud of. So far, out of the twelve poems I've written, I just love two (the Tai chi poem and this one) and there are two others I like very much (No. 2 and No. 8.) And I'm not ashamed of any.

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At 4/13/09, 7:34 PM, Blogger Reticula said...

I'm so glad you're really doing this. I love reading your poems, which are nothing less than amazing. Will you submit them now that you'll have a collection? You should.

My brain is too fried by my last quarter of grad school to keep up this year. Next year I won't cop out.


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