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Apr 9, 2009

No. 9 and there you are: just waiting

and there you are: just waiting

for things to happen.

you created a blind,

where you crouch down
waiting for your life
to wander by

but when it does,
you cannot show yourself
you do not leap out
and claim it

(tame it, ride it, argue with it, stroke it, listen to its humming)

you sit there watching it pass by
your mouth open in awe and envy

and fear.

it moves gracefully,
powerful & radiant,
more beautiful than you had ever imagined
your life could be.
it pauses, drinks from the nearby stream
(giving you such opportunity!)

and moves on.
(carrying radiance with it, leaving you

in your familiar dark.)

--Zann Carter 04.09.09

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