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Apr 6, 2009

strange shelfmates

My poetry books used to be very well organized, now they are just haphazardly shelved. It seemed interesting to me the other day to contemplate the juxtapositions of poets on my shelves...

Allen Ginsberg stands next to Homer

Nikki Giovanni hangs out with Mary Oliver...
Yoko Ono is snuggled between Lorca and Diane DiPrima

Szymborska and Clampitt (I suspect Amy does most of the talking...)

and Sappho cosies up with e.e. cummings (next door to Paris and an old house covered in vines...)

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At 4/10/09, 2:55 AM, Blogger molly burkett said...

i'm hoping it was an accident that your captions came out as a poem

in any case, i love this entry


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