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Nov 5, 2008

yes, yes, YES, WE COULD!

11.05.2008 - the papers at my door this morning

Here's what I wrote to some friends earlier today:

For the first time in a long time I feel good about an election.
I'm going to enjoy that for awhile.

I'm so tired of hearing the divisive - them/us - crap from the national stage. Obama's messages about unity and community are honey to my heart. I'm going to enjoy that for awhile.

Did you notice the crowd booing mention of Obama and later, Biden, at McCain's (gracious and painful) concession speech. Did you notice the Obama crowd applauding and cheering when Obama gave McCain words of respect?


And Indiana! Whoo hooo - Indiana blue for the first time since 1964!
When Republican Sen. Dick Lugar, who is BELOVED here, and respected, even by Democrats, did not campaign or even say a word -that I know of- in support of McCain/Palin -- I had a good feeling about Indiana.

It thrilled me to no end to turn down my street and see seven Obama yard signs and no McCains.

My son and dozens of others (all ages, colors) worked SO hard here in little Vigo County, ever since the primaries. It was thrilling to me to see that commitment, that shared purpose, that community.

Yesterday, I took food to the Obama workers - they had to move to a bigger location than the campaign headquarters because so many people were working even on election day. When I got there in late morning, there were at least 30 people. And all were busy, busy, busy.

If Obama can continue to inspire that kind of energy and commitment for progressive actions, there truly is hope.

I spent part of Election Evening at ArtReach Lit Night with a group of funny and creative young people. There was some reading of poetry, some storytelling, some improvisational play.

I'm making sure to mark my calendar for the next one!
(And maybe take better pictures...these were the best of about 10 I took. Maybe I need to photograph the young'uns using the "Sport/Subject in motion" mode!)



At 11/20/08, 9:42 PM, Blogger Barbara H. said...

Hi Zann! I am way behind in all things blog (including my own) due to the whole exciting election process. Wow, wasn't this the most interesting election since the '60s? Yes, we had three votes for Obama in our household, and we rejoice with you. I also haven't felt this inspired and hopeful about a new President since...okay, never. This is a first! Hugs!

At 11/23/08, 2:31 PM, Blogger Alexis said...

Hello Zann, We're enjoying this win like no other, too. I have a good friend here in California who is from Indiana, and she's never been more proud of her home state. Here's to hope!


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