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Oct 22, 2008

Poetry Readings


I'm nervous, I'm excited. This came about after Pete Wilson, owner of Coffee Grounds, saw something I'd posted about missing the readings that used to be there in the 90s. He wrote and asked if I'd like to organize a reading. Despite the fact that my dance card is pretty full with the Maple Center workshop on art and loss (a post due on that soon), I said OH YES!

If this goes well, we will try to make it a monthly event. On this first one, I get to be a 'featured poet' along with my friend Sarah, so I'll be reading for about 15 minutes. Oh, and the flyer was designed by my son Shaun. Thank you, Shaun!!!

I'm extra-excited, because I recently found out that another downtown poetry reading has been started at ArtReach. I've written about ArtReach here before - a downtown space that opens two nights for people to just come in and make art. Shelves of supplies to choose from, big tables and helpful Jack and Kathy if you'd like some direction or instruction. Sometimes Paul goes and plays saxophone in the gallery room while people are creating in the other:

I can't tell you what a warm feeling I get when I'm up there, with all the nice people in the space, working on something with one of my granddaughters, hearing my husband's music pouring from the other room. My daughter-in-law DeAnn's salon is quite literally underneath this space, on the first floor. The yarn shop is a few doors down on the other side. Cosy. Downtown Terre Haute is just a second home to me and getting moreso all the time.

Ahh, this turned into a Downtown Terre Haute lovefest...



At 10/22/08, 2:20 PM, Blogger Linda Sue said...

"Zann! GREAT! don't be nervous- your poetry is the most delicious most thought provoking and heart feeling! Wish I could be there! This blog thing, my darling, I hold you responsible for my new addiction! LOVE to you, best wishes! Your poetry throws me in the deep end, the water is warm and salty, like tears.


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