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Oct 20, 2008

Simple Things - Face Cloths

Here is the finished organic cotton face cloth (a wash cloth I use for making a comfort ritual of face washing with Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Milk) :
...and another - in WEBS Valley Cotton - a mercerized pearl cotton for weaving. I used a strand of 3/2 in Royal Lilac and a 5/2 in Lizard Green:

and another in FoxFiber organic cotton, a strand of a brown and a natural:
and a fourth in a very fine white cotton flake, two strands:
I haven't yet washed and dried these - all but the last are a little stiff, but should soften nicely after a good washing and a tumble in the dryer. The last one is yummy-soft already and I love the texture that the cotton flake creates - it's just a corner-to-corner garter stitch square like the first two, but looks quite different.

I have two giant cones of this cotton flake that I got on eBay years ago - I'm so pleased with the way it works up doubled. My intention when I bought it was to dye it, and perhaps I will now.

I really enjoyed working on these simple projects - these are great for mindfulness knitting. I used an Addi Lace circular for all (#3 or #4, I can't remember and I didn't write it down.) That nice point and the finish worked very well with these fine cottons to make the knitting a pleasure.

I loved the crochet edging work, too, which I just made up for each one. A simple single crochet around the basket weave, and a shell-like edging for the others. On the garter stitch cloths, I started with a CO 3, and on each row slipped the first stitch (as if to purl), then did an increase (K1front, K1back) of the second stitch. When I got to the width I wanted (somewhere around 50-60 stitches), I began to decrease, still slipping that first stitch and doing an SSK with the second and third stitches. That slipped first stitch gives a very nice base to crochet into for the edging.

One caveat: perhaps because of the bias knit, the cloths tend to take on a slight diamond shape rather than square. I don't know if there's something I could do to prevent this - my pals at the knitting shop thought I was being too critical/fussy about this!

And perhaps I am....


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