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Jan 26, 2008

protected by cellophane

Zann Carter, Protected by Cellophane (2006)
7" X 12" X4",Wool yarn, plastic bride & groom, cellophane, paper, crocheted, glued, stapled

(one of molly's favorite authors is ee cummings.
last year i made the above piece for her because one of her favorite poems by him is this

this little bride & groom are
standing)in a kind
of crown he dressed
in black candy she

veiled with candy white
carrying a bouquet of
pretend flowers this
candy crown with this candy

little bride & little
groom in it kind of stands on
a thin ring which stands on a much
less thin very much more

big & kinder of ring & which
kinder of stands on a
much more than very much
biggest & thickest & kindest

of ring & all one two three rings
are cake & everything is protected by
cellophane against anything(because
nothing really exists


I love it that my daughter also loves one of my favorite poets.


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