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May 6, 2006

Illustration Friday - Fat

Illustration Friday 05.05.06
Theme: Fat

Thanks to my daughter Molly for taking the picture of me. Self-portraits....I've been doing a lot of them since beginning my blog. A healthy narcissistic impulse I think (hope), as I've always loathed pictures of myself. Deciding to use my image for artistic expression has been freeing on many levels.

I loved this Whitman quote, and it absolutely made me want to hug myself, my fat and bones, and just love it all.... ( Also my just-finished shrug, more pictures of which I will post next entry!)



At 5/6/06, 3:33 PM, Anonymous margot said...

What a wonderful picture and a beautiful poem. Love the shrug... rug.. mug.

At 5/6/06, 4:07 PM, Anonymous carra said...

Love the quote and what you have done here. Very creative and thought-provoking!


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