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Apr 24, 2006

poem-Making Things of Broken Things

Making Things of Broken Things

This morning
I awoke with half-remembered
dreams and a head full
of hypnogogic creations.

I pieced together
broken things with thread:
cups, teapots, vases --

bits and shards knotted around,
linked back together
in a form that was familiar
to them.

Though they were never the same
as they were but irrevocably

they were beautiful
in a way they had not been

And, too,I saw new things
to make
of stones and wool:
hanging things

and they were heavy things
but beautiful.

I awoke fully
i must make new things
heavy things
of stones and wool
and also make things
of broken things,
(cups teapots vases)

until one day I will find myself
stitching around
the shards of my life
linking them back together

until my life is a familiar shape
though irrevocably altered

and beautiful
in a way it was not beautiful

--Zann Carter 04.24.06


At 4/25/06, 6:59 PM, Blogger Carol Dean said...

The 4/17/06 self portrait is simply shattering.

Thank you for sharing your poetry, and through it your grieving process, with us. I am stunned by your courage to create at this time.

At 4/28/06, 3:33 AM, Blogger Peacock said...

Powerful poem. Very strong.

I would like to be able to write so beautifully!


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