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Apr 25, 2006

Things I've Made Recently

This felted bowl was knitted of Malabrigo in Lettuce. I love it a lot. Sunday night some of my friends created a grief healing ceremony for me and Patrick's roommates. I brought this bowl to hold the special things I brought to the ceremony, so it's now imbued with all the loving energies of that evening.

This pouch pattern evolved as I knitted and originally was to be a felted vessel. The first was the one on the right and I was using Briggs & Little yarn for the first time. It's Regal 2-ply in Plum and I really love the color and enjoyed working with it.
When I got to where I should have decreased and bound off for a little pot, I just kept on knitting! Obviously this yarn wanted to be a pouch. I did an eyelet round for threading a drawstring through and then was compelled to indulge in ruffled edge, finishing with a picot bind-off. The drawstring is crocheted, a chain the length I wanted, then I went back along the chain with slip stitches, sewing the ends into spirals. I liked it so much I made another.
The second one (top left) is in Cascade 220, one of The Heathers (#2450), a purple was thrilled to discover at Riverwools recently. I made the ruffle and drawstring in Tahki Shannon #21, a 100% wool, variegated single with a multi-colored binder.
I really would like to see these felted, so I think I need to make a couple more!
Just a small odd little felted vessel in Malabrigo, purples called Cuarzo.

Finally, here is another shawl like the one I made for Tifani. This is the same pattern, done in Noro Kochoran (angora, silk and wool). I love this pattern! It takes me only about 4-5 days to make these shawls (I am working on the picot bind-off on a third!), and they drape and fit the shoulders very well. Mine seem to be a bit bigger than the pattern was meant to be, probably because I'm using thicker yarns and bigger needles. In any case, I love this both as a knitter and a shawl-wearer. The pattern designer is an Indiana woman named Jane Campbell and it's being sold by Martha at Riverwools. I think Martha is also offering this as a class.

Speaking of classes at Riverwools, I've signed up for one in June - EZ's famous Baby AND Adult Surprise Jacket. I've always wanted to make one of those and I'm excited about doing one with a group.
It's a gray, chilly, rainy day here in western Indiana - a good day for being inside with tea and a shawl to finish.


At 4/26/06, 7:31 AM, Blogger jackie said...

Beautiful! I have wanted to do a shawl for quite some time, but fear the commitment issue with a project so big. I'm a sock/mitten kind of knitter. I don't mind approaching a loom with a big project in mind, but I am hesitant to do one on kknitting needles. Weird, eh?

It is funny to see you using Briggs & Little wool. It is the wool that I use, mainly because I am about a 40 minute drive from the mill and can get a good discount with a business number. It does felt up pretty nicely.

Your bowls are beautiful. It is great that you have all that positive healing energy with you now.


At 4/26/06, 12:28 PM, Anonymous Margot said...

Beautiful Bowl. Beautiful shawl.

i recently heard an online conversation about the days after 9/11, a bunch of knitters saying: "I can knit through anything." Another friend went through a terrible accident, through reconstructive surgeries she found needlework held back the pain better than morphine.

There is something about taking one stitch after another...

At 4/28/06, 3:31 AM, Blogger Peacock said...

I just love your vessels... and the newest additions are no exception!! So very difficult to choose a favorite! Everything you touch turns out magical! :)

I am so inspired by the way you find beauty in yourself and others and the environment you live in.. and in the way you bring that beauty (sadness as well as joy, tension as well as relaxation) to life for others through your art.

Thank you!


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